Leading know-how
tailored solutions made of uhpc

The countless different applications of the innovative high-tech material UHPC are not yet foreseeable.  As a pioneer, Sudholt-Wasemann has been developing and manufacturing industry-proven solutions for various industries in partnership with clients since 2009.

In our core business, machine engineering and industry, we are already the market leader in the application of ultra-high performance concrete and are always working hard to further maximize existing client benefits. In industries such as construction and infrastructure, mobility & energy, we enable the use of certain UHPC applications through initial research and pilot projects on future topics.

With our leading interdisciplinary know-how, we develop together with you tailor-made and trend-setting solutions for your industry.

Machine engineering & industry

Efficient and powerful solutions made from UHPC for highly dynamic and highly stressed machine structures and state-of-the-art production technology.

Boost productivity

Improved machine performance through outstanding mechanical properties

Increase profitability

Optimum price/performance ratio through efficient, material-related production conditions and our leading know-how in production technology

Improve sustainability

  • Easy to recycle
  • 30% less primary energy in production than in grey cast iron
  • significantly more favourable ecological footprint than epoxy resin bonded mineral casting

Propertiesand behaviour

Due to their strong damping and temperature resistance, our high-precision machine structures made of UHPC enable maximum precision at faster machining speeds. The high-performance material increases stiffness and natural frequency, so that systems run much quieter, tool wear is minimized and tool life is extended.


The damping performance of UHPC is comparable with natural stone and epoxy resin-bonded mineral castings and up to ten times better than grey cast iron. This enables highest precision at faster machining speeds and thus increases the performance of your machine.

high specific material stiffness

Due to the high stiffness of UHPC, our solutions for machine components are extremely dimensionally stable. With the same force applied, the deflection based on a high stiffness-weight ratio is many times lower than with conventional grey cast iron solutions.

inertia to temperature changes

Due to the material-specific high thermal capacity and the low thermal conductivity of UHPC, fluctuating ambient temperatures are only passed on to the machine in a very reduced form. Machine beds and frames therefore react much slower to thermal influences than conventional grey cast iron solutions.

high precision & accuracy

We realise surface accuracies in the tenth of a millimetre range directly from the mould and accuracies with flatness in the μm range by precision grinding and milling


Solutions developed by us make it possible to integrate machine elements and a multitude of different components directly into machine structures (e.g. threaded sleeves, rails, lines and cables) with high fitting accuracy and at low cost

Your application - Tailor-made design options

machine tools

Beds and frame components for highly dynamic machine tools for lathes, milling, grinding and erosion machining

production technology

Load-bearing frame components for efficient production technology in the fields of printing, graphics, wood, textiles, electronics, optics and packaging

test benches & energy machines

Base frames for dynamically highly loaded power machines in the fields of engines, drives, generators, turbines and centrifuges

portal machining centres

Massive elements for the largest and most powerful portal machining centres for drilling, milling and grinding of large components

sanded precision surfaces

Pipe and hose lines

Precision steel surfaces and base plates

Threaded and transport anchors


geometrical freedom


sanded precision surfaces

Realization of sanded precision surfaces in µm range for the creation of high-precision functional surfaces

Pipe and hose lines

Integration of various steel or PVC lines, e.g. for hydraulic hoses, heating and cooling lines, compressed air, drain pipes and cable bushings

Precision steel surfaces and base plates

Integration of steel inserts as pre-machined footplates or precision surfaces in the µm range (milled and drilled) as well as raw parts for later precision machining

Threaded and transport anchors

Integration of threaded anchors in various designs and quality classes for screws up to quality class 12.9 as well as transport and special anchors for all weight classes


Realisation of weight-reducing and function-integrating recesses (e.g. for the installation of tanks and other components)

geometrical freedom

Realization of complex geometries with various roundings, bevels, chamfers, etc.


Pre-assembly of various components, systems and assemblies such as adjustable feet

Further applications

  1. machine tools
  2. tool magazines
  3. pallet storage
  4. laser applications
  5. microproduction
  6. medical technology
  7. measurement, testing and inspection technology
  8. packaging machines
  9. woodworking machinery
  10. textile machines
  11. optics production
  12. graphic machines
  13. pick & place applications
  14. handling systems
  15. housing

Tailor-made production possibilities

  • individual components – up to 100 t

    due to our unique know-how in production technology, complex individual components made of UHPC are characterised by particularly fast processing and high cost-effectiveness compared to competing solutions made of other materials
  • small series – 2 to 20 p.a.

    our high level of vertical integration and our own interdisciplinary team of mould construction specialists enable us to offer our clients solutions that meet their specific needs and thus guarantee the best possible price/performance ratio 
  • large series – > 200 p.a.

    as the market leader in the development and manufacture of UHPC machine structures for mechanical engineering and industry, we are your reliable partner even for large quantities and guarantee consistent quality to the highest standards

composite structuresThe optimizing solution for traditional manufacturing processes

Our high-strength cement mass makes it possible to fill machine components such as welded steel constructions and casting frames. The encapsulation of the construction also achieves a higher stiffness, influences the natural frequency in a targeted manner and thus significantly increases vibration damping. In addition, the thermal inertia increases while thermal influences are minimized. Ideal prerequisites for exploiting the advantages of a solid machine bed while retaining the familiar metal shell.

Infrastructure, Mobility & Energy

extremely durable and resistant elements made of UHPC as the most life- cycle economical solution for the most important challenges of the future.

The renewal and expansion of existing infrastructure has become one of the greatest challenges of the century against the backdground of current trends such as the turnaround in transport, mobility and energy as well as climate change.

New, innovative and intelligent technologies are needed to solve these challenges. Due to their outstanding properties, solutions made of UHPC can contribute to providing future generations with functioning, sustainable transport routes as well as supply and disposal infrastructures.  In addition, solutions from UHPC can help to make the use of renewable energy sources more efficient and thus actively promote energy change.

Advantages of UHPC:
  • New fields of applications – Solutions made of UHPC set new standards in concrete technology and, due to their outstanding mechanical properties, can also be applied where previously only other materials could be used.
  • Longer life - UHPC has an estimated life up to five times longer than normal concrete and therefore needs to be replaced much later.
  • Cost savings - When the costs of UHPC are spread over the life of a product, there are significant cost advantages over standard concrete or other materials due to its longevity, reduced maintenance costs, reduced material quantities and the reduction of soil and support requirements.
  • Improved Sustainability - UHPC has a significantly better environmental footprint than conventional concrete due to a significantly longer life and lower material quantities.

Properties and behaviour:
  • Extremely high compressive strength
  • Extremely resistant to environmental influences
  • High flexibility
  • High ductility
  • Moisture resistant
  • Refractory
  • Good impact resistance - UHPC can absorb three times more energy than conventional concrete
  • Chemical resistance
  • Reduced maintenance effort

Sample projects:
  • Realisation of a new type of floating offshore wind turbine currently being tested off the coast of Japan. Our team advised on the development of floating pontoons made of UHPC for lowering and lifting the plant and subsequently also took over the production of the pontoons (see picture).
  • Production of a barrier box prototype made of UHPC for the integration of tram control technology in traffic routes, which guarantees very easy accessibility due to a surface level Installation
Infrastruktur, Mobilität und Energie

Building construction

more filigree construction methods with higher load-bearing capacity - solutions from uhpc enable architects and engineers to think in new dimensions.

New innovative and intelligent technologies are also becoming increasingly important in building construction against the background of trends such as a higher degree of prefabrication, standardization and modularization as well as more climate-efficient buidling. Due to their outstanding properties, solutions made of UHPC can make a decisive contribution in these areas.

Take advantage of our high-performance concrete and develop together with us tailor-made and trendsetting solutions for your application.