Composite steel constructions (casting compound) made of durfill®

The high-strength, cement bound casting compound durfill® makes it possible to fill machine components, e.g. steel welded constructions and cast racks. Filling the construction increases its stiffness and systematically influences its eigenfrequency, resulting in an increased vibration damping. In addition, thermal inertia rises, thus minimizing thermal impacts. durfill® offers all the advantages of a solid machine bed while still keeping the familiar metal casing.


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Technical data durfill® casting compound

Characteristics Material Properties
Maximum particle size, round grain 4,5 mm
Compressive strength 3/7/28d fcm,cube 40mm 70 / 80 / 90 N/mm²
Flexible tensile strength 3/7/28d fctm, prism 40mm 10 / 10 / 10 N/mm²
Static modulus of elasticity Ec 32.000 N/mm²
Dynamic modulus of elasticity E 40.000 N/mm²
Poisson’s ratio μ 0,20 ­
Density of hardened concrete ρ 2.300 kg/m³
Thermal expansionαT bei 20°C 12,4 · 10-6 K-1
Thermal conductivity λ 2,7 W/mK
Specific thermal capacityc</ub>p 1,0 J/gK
damping decrement Λ
Processing time 60 min
Planning and Design

durfill® offers two possibilities of filling constructions. For self-supporting constructions, durfill® cast compound improves the mechanic characteristics but does not have any static function. For thin-walled constructions, durfill® cast compound and steel are calculated as hybrid. Steel casing and cast compound are bonded by means of head bolts, punched sheets or toothed strips. Our experts are always available to assist you in planning, designing or calculating any product.


durfill® is a self-compacting, purely mineral cast compound with excellent flow properties. Components can be filled without using additional vibrating tools. Even with complex shapes, just a few pour holes are enough to fill the component completely. State-of-the-art mixing technology as well as skilled staff guarantee the flawless and cost-efficient manufacture of components.

Examples of Use